Thursday, October 09, 2014

CAMP GROUNDED - DIGITAL DETOX - The weekend that truly made me feel alive

You can call me  ~ 7 ~
mementos from camp
What I learned at camp, I spent a weekend in the Redwoods being of service.  There to understand how and if both of my passion sides can integrate and if those around me would see me for who I really am and more then a photographer or girl with camera.  By myself at first and leaving with many new friends.   I found the piece of paper I was keeping notes on while I was there over the long weekend in July.  This weekend of being seen and of service truly changed my life. 

... incase you can't read it 
... moved to tears with joy over teaching and learning ~ Solar B. 
... taught yoga ( assisted rather ) 
... tried acro yoga for the first time ( and loved it ) 
... eyegazed with a stranger and cried
... given permission to persue my energy work and get a certificate in Reiki, by a Monk
... participated in a sweat lodge and then hugged my new family nude
.. bathed in the river at sunrise 
... danced for hours 
... howled at the moon 
... witnessed 200 + new friends burn their fears
... shared a dinner in silence 
... had a secret admirer ( or 2 ) 
... streaked with 20 others at the disco 
... offered my gifts of medicine and imaging 

This truly changed me forever here is a video message and slideshow.

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