Friday, March 28, 2014

"YOU & WE " HONG KONG - Fashion Editorial Exploring a Tech Relationship - MPW Magazine

Photography by  JANA CRUDER
Art Direction Layout by Matthew Lapenta 
Styling by Adele Leung ( True Reflections ) 
Makeup by Eleena Yu ( Agogo Image Service ) 
Hair by Kolen But (Sin Workshop ) 
Models Bianca & Tomas ( Model One ) 
Location Hong Kong 
Retouching by Haoyuan Ren 

So often sparks fly and eyes meet, a flirt is followed by whats your Instagram handle. Text conversations flurry as you get to know your new muse.  Cheeks blushing when he texts you "Good Morning". This is a story of a real couple who happen to be models, meeting and growing their relation through the connected disconnection of text dating.     Expressed in spring fashions. 

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