Tuesday, February 11, 2014

 ME - MY NEW MOTION PIECE filmed in New Mexico -- a dark sweet exploration of a girl searching for a soul

Producers Tom Mossbrucker & Kim Martindale
Writer / Director / Cinematographer - Jana Cruder www.janacruder.com
Starring Coco Knudson & Ian Maliniak
Music -  R.I.P Burn Face by CocoRosie & voice snippit by Awolnation
Editor - Javier Mosquera - The Reel Lab
Location - New Mexico

 ME is french for soul --- This piece follows a girl on a search for a soul  -   It  was started as a experimental motion piece.  I've been working in motion for a few years now and commercially and personally having fun with it and making some great commercial pieces.

Mostly fashion films and such, I had yet to incorporate dialogue into my pieces and wanted to ease into it.. Â ME has a little bit of dialogue at the end ( pizza delivery )  and a rich story that is told with mixing dramatic contrasty black and white visuals and sound crafting to create emotion and lead the viewer through the story.

For  ME,  I was inspired by Film Noir meets Alfred Hitchcock, I was inspired and wanted to play with some of the older in camera techniques  that were used to build suspense and create emotion and
lead the story.   From the sound of the shutter, to intended camera shake and
the opening up of the aperture in the beginning to simulate the point of view of the storyteller's vision coming into focus. 
It was made over a 7 day journey  in New Mexico in MID October,  filming took place in various places between Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico when the light was right or  inspiration would strike we filmed.

I generated a loose story line and allowed for improv from my actor and actress.

I worked with editor Javier Mosquera of THE REEL LAB to bring the edit together and mix in the sound effects and sound crafting to really hit home the story.

Over all, I wanted to make something more emotional then pretty images to music with pretty clothes on pretty people.. I wanted something real and honest, beautiful yet a little deeper and darker something that got under the surface.

I wanted to give my clients and prospective clients a hint of the conceptual storytelling I'm really interested in doing more of.

I feel this is a step for me in my career as a visual artist in exploring and truly working with the medium of motion for story telling. I wanted to show a darker side to my creativity a darker side that is oddly still very beautiful.

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