Saturday, January 26, 2013

OVERWHELMING RESPONSE - for my Charles Arnold Lecture @ RIT in Jan 2013

Jana Cruder after Speaking @ RIT

I was honored to be asked back to my Alma Mater RIT to speak. On January 24th I addressed a large auditorium of students and alumni with a wide array of backgrounds from Advertising photography, video, to fine art and photo journalism.  I presented with enthusiasm and answered questions with honesty.

I've truly enjoyed the experience and I myself was energized and super inspired from sharing and inspiring them.

I also had the opportunity to speak at Monroe Community College while I was in Rochester, NY.  Which was equally as exciting.

There is a certain satisfaction that comes when your recognized by the very institution that helped to form and shape who you would soon become. With gratitude for all the experiences and for all those who supported me over the years and those who continue as I forge forward to create my own reality and career as a professional artist, photographer and filmmaker.

Here are a few of the responses from students, alumni and feedback I received after my speaking.

Thank you.

" I wanted to take the moment to thank you again for speaking to Professor Bogdanovska's class at MCC. I was one of the students in the class; Suzie. I wanted to also tell you how much I loved your work and the stories you shared. You were really an inspiring speaker and you seemed very relaxed. I'm always so nervous around professional photographers, but I learned a lot from the stories of your experiences and you were very easy to approach with questions. It really instilled confidence in me and my work as a growing photographer.

So again, thank you so very much for speaking to the class!

Suzie Simonds

" Andrew Ngu, ad student, graduating soon. Thank you for stopping by RIT Thursday for the panel, I thought I'd send my appreciation! (Definitely made the right decision between the panel and Business Seminar.)
Take care,

Andrew  "

" Hi Jana, I just wanted to say thanks again for making an appearance at MCC today. Your presentation was very inspiring and also very eye opening at the same time as to the reality of what really goes on, as most people only get to experience the final product of a design. It was much appreciated.
 Rich Kishita "

" Jana,
I just wanted to let you know I loved your work you presented you really boosted my confidence for my future endeavors after I graduate. Hope I will see you again sometime and maybe even work along side of you one day!

Thanks again for the great talk,
-Mercedes L Castro


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