Monday, March 12, 2012

EGO SOLEIL - S/S 2012 by Jana Cruder


  Advertising + Lookbook + Fashion Film and Behind the Scenes video for S/S 2012 

I was contacted by EGO SOLEIL designer Blaine Degannes.  He said he loved my colors and how I worked with women and fashion on location.  He described his concept to me for EGO S/S 2012 and it was a match made in heaven.  I love shooting on location and when I proposed the salt flats outside Amboy, CA as the shoot location and showed examples of what we could create there, everyone was immediately on board to make it happen. Del Brutus the CEO of EGO SOLEIL had a lot of questions.  This was a different type of shoot for them especially on location and so far from their corporate offices in MD.  I assured them that location production is my specialty and we would take care of everything for them.  Flights were booked, hotels confirmed, rental cars on hold, model cast, location scouted and shoot prepped. Three weeks later we all gathered in Twenty Nine Palms, CA to shoot S/S 2012 EGO SOLEIL. I look forward to working with this client again. Check out their rave review of me on my linked in page.

This was an amazing shoot!! Here is a small sample of the images I created for EGO SOLEIL.

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