Saturday, March 10, 2012

Barbie Series- Fine Art- "What Lies Beneath" by Jana Cruder


The woman who inspired this series, has single handedly shaped the definition of beauty in our modern culture. This woman’s influence on young girls, boys, women, men, the beauty industry, product sales and consumerism has directly affected how we view beauty in the United States.
Thank you Barbie!
2009 marked her 50th birthday, when I opened up magazines and saw all the grand editorials celebrating her. I felt that no one got it quite right. I perused the credits to find that men shot most of them. It made me wonder if they had ever played with Barbie.
I set out to create my own spin on this icon. I along with a crew of 10 talented passionate women and 1 man (thank you Aeon) headed into the desert of Amboy, CA to create this series. I created this series as my introspective / interpretation of what it means to her!
Malibu Barbie, Russian Barbie and Kenya Barbie STARRING in, “ What Lies Beneath” on location in Amboy, CA Created in 2009.


I'm gearing up to shoot the second edition to this series featuring KEN.

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