Monday, May 02, 2011

Military Spouse Cover by Jana Cruder

I jumped on the opportunity to shoot this for Military Spouse  Magazine.  I was referred to the editor by a friend in town.  They had an idea for a road trip story & My love of road trips + appreciation for the sacrifices our Military families make really made this project a win - win in my eyes.
The magazine featured the Military Spouses of Nellis Air Force Base in North Las Vegas, NV and the story was about getting away for mini weekend vacations with the kids or a trip with girlfriends.  So we went and explored Lake Mead recreational area.  The ladies they chose to feature are all real Military Spouses.  Some had active duty husbands who worked at Nellis Base & other had husbands who were actively serving overseas.  One woman had a young baby a few months old and her husband was shipped off to serve in Afghanistan. This shoot was special for many reasons, this gave the girls a change to do something really different for the day.  With the kids at sitters they were able to enjoy the pampering and attention by the hair and makeup professionals as well as enjoy each other company and meet new friends. We went out for a day trip, shot a few different locations and we're planning a issue release BBQ celebration with everyone soon.

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Michele Cusenz said...

Your truly amazing!!! My hubby is home now and finally getting a chance to get to know his daughter whom he had to leave when she was just one month old. Thank you for being so awesome and doing this shoot. It was a true blast!!!