Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Musical Muse by Jana Cruder for Seven Magazine






I was extremely excited to work on this shoot, it was something that I havent done before! This shoot presented the challenges of using lighting that would make the body paint pop and also set building challenges. Each body painting took 7 hours to create, and we had each model on set for half an hour. We are extremely happy with the out come of the images. Working with the make up pros from One Luv,  these talented artists took inspiration from a variety of Celine Dion songs to create a new type of imagery. During a two-day shoot we worked here at 
S P A C E studios to create these dynamic images.

Photography: Jana Cruder
Producer: Whitney Urichuk for One Luv Agency
Retoucher: Haoyuan Ren
Prop StylistL Randi Garrett with Naakiti Floral and Design
Body Painting: Jennifer Karsten, Jennifer Ashton, Lijha Stewart and Jasmine Ringo for One Luv Agency
Hair Stylist and Wig Designer: Jeff Knaggs
ModelsL Megan Bostwick/ Best Agency and Stephanie Pearson/ No Ties Management
Shot on location at Space Studios

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