Thursday, March 31, 2011

COLLECTING FACES coming to a completion

I've had an ongoing personal photo project for over two years now.   These types of projects are efforts in love, commitment and vision.  I call it " Collecting Faces "  documenting all of the faces that walk through my door on any given First Friday.   Sometimes I shoot them and other times they create their own image.  So far, I've collected about 6,000 faces  and now it's nearing it's end.  My goal is to have these images reproduced and displayed on building fronts throughout the Arts District.   We've decided to get our local community involved and engage their involvement by asking them to purchase a tile that will take over the facade of the building and become a permanent installation in this downtown arena.   First we must raise the awareness and some funds and soon my building will be covered permanently with faces of all those who have participated. 

   I'm so excited for the potential of this project, stay tuned!!!! This is going to be a fun one! ~ Jana

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Tiffany Brown said...

Yay. Can't wait to see this. Rock on with the big ideas. Go radical woman!