Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chumlee & Big Hoss by Jana Cruder for Inked Magazine




I had the pleasure of creating images for Inked Magazine featuring the stars of television show Pawn Stars for Inked Magazine. We spent the day outside and also in the shop with these two characters. They have a loyal following as you can see from the behind the scenes images and video. It was an absolute pleasure working with Chumlee and Big Hoss, be sure to check out the spread in Inked Magazine's March issue. 

Photography: Jana Cruder 
Featuring: Austin 'Chumlee' Russell and Corey 'Big Hoss' Harrison


Steven said...

Hey Jana,

I was there at the photo shoot and I was wondering if you could post the photo were you had all the spectators stand behind Corey and Austin. It will go great with the rest of photos I have and the ones you posted, I was in those too :). Thanks

Anonymous said...

Stepen! I was there too and i was going to ask the same thing. Please post the pictures of when all of the spectators were looking at Chumlee and corey's tatoos.