Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My day of giving back - "Something to Remember" Dec 04, 2010

CANCER IMPACTS EVERYONE at some point in their life. This is a cause I'm very passionate about!

In May of this year, I lost my mother to a 22 year battle with Breast Cancer.  That event has changed my life.  After her death, I was finding a need to do something, help the cause in some way, the fight against cancer.  I looked for ways to become involved in a local community where my efforts could directly and immediately help those who are supporting a loved one through the fight. In searching for a way to give back, it became apparent to me that the most important thing she left behind for me were her writings and our family photos.  Every year, growing up in Greensburg, PA. we had an annual family portrait at Olan Mills.  That was the local portrait studio. I remember she paid a small fortune for those photos, but I'm so grateful she thought it important enough to do year after year no matter how sick she was.  Those portraits I cherish! 

I realized that I have a true gift, the gift of photography. I can give that back, to families and give them " Something to Remember" 

I worked closely with the Janet Sue Mason Foundation in Las Vegas and arranged a family portrait donation day.  
With the help of the Comprehensive Cancer Clinic of NV on Sunset/Twain we were able to schedule and photograph 21 families who are actively in treatment for Cancer.  

Some families, have never had a family portrait while others haven't been photographed professionally since their wedding.  

The day was full of emotion, tears, laughter and a true sense of gratefulness. 

I am exceptionally grateful for all the donations of time, talent, space and equipment that made this special event happen. 

Thank you to everyone who volunteered and all those families who participated. 

Thank you for giving me Something to Remember and for making the shoot the most rewarding thing I've ever done. 

Thank you to all my supporters and volunteers,
Studio J - Eric Jamison, Hunter & Crew, Haouyan Ren, Cat Savello , Whitney and all her hair and makeup artists at ONE LUV, Tiffany Brown, Crystal Reid, Christine Contini, Michael Beckner, Janet Sue Mason Foundaton, JR Lighting, Chef Mayra, Aeon Jones, my father Ron Cruder,
Gina Gaven Tribal Minds, Heidi Kyser Copywriter and a very special thank you to Chris Jordan of Sugar Effect Video and Multimedia for donating his time to make a video of this event so we can raise awareness.  


Michelle Poe said...

Jana! These are wonderful! You are such an amazing person and amazing at what you do!

sarah said...

Jana I love you! Thinking of you brightens my day. Thank you for doing this. It reminds me that it is our individual duty to make life - a little better.