Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Shooting Jermaine Dupri - An Editorial assignment

I was contracted to photograph Jermaine Dupri for an editorial that came out last month. The location was a club in Las Vegas. My assistant and I arrived and scouted the location. I stretched to come up with a great shot in that club... after all its a club typically not meant to be lit... and I wanted something a little different. I saw this as an opportunity to shoot what the magazine suggested and then to use my time with the talent to create something a little different.

I shot in the club, 3 shots that were interesting and showed the "club" then I grew some balls and asked Jermaine if I could follow him to his room. I explained that the images we created in the club were great and perfect... but what I felt would be really interesting would be to shoot him on the fly.. in the hallways, elevator and on the way back to his room.
He said well we're all here why not...

I had about 10 minutes ... I ran behind him and followed him to his room... once we got there .. he let me shoot him inside ...

15 minutes later I was back downstairs looking at the back of the camera and packing up equipment....

I sent the editor the images and said ... here is what we did.. but I'm loving the last ones... the gritty ones, the ones where we were getting a glimpse of something a little telling.
They loved it and ran it!!
ROCK ON!!!!!

When I was in photo school and after that assisting top photogs ... I always obvserved the shooting for the client and the shooting for yourself..


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