Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shooting the "RAT Wrangler" for Ladies Home Journal

I photographed Cathe Jones known as the "Rat Wrangler" for Ladies Home Journal back in Sept. Sometimes things take a while to publish. This was an interesting shoot, when you throw animals into the mix it takes on a whole new form!!!! They really do what they want to do weather you like it or not. With these furry little buggers well that included leaving little puddles and droppings wherever they went.... Big kudos to Cathe for being such a great sport as well as to my crew for laughing through it all!

Here's to rolling with it!


A Comedic Author, With Rat Training Tendencies said...

Jana- You were wonderful- so many of my friends and clients have emailed and I've RAVED about you to all of them... come see my show at the Greek Isles- the doggy we just got is going to be in about puddles! lol

Karthik said...

wow thats really fantastic... you doing a gr8 job... keep the spirit...

Anonymous said...

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