Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I SHOT Marg Helgenberger

I'm happy with this shot she looks great but it could of been so much more!

So she gave me 5 minutes ~ I was there set up and ready 2 hours ahead of time. Planning the shot, waiting anxiously, looking forward to the whole scenario. I set up two shots, one on white like the client wanted and then another environmental shot. Because one only gains access to sets like that ever so often that I had to make sure to get something else besides ... a celebrity on white out of it.
Being on the set of CSi was a photographers dream! So much cool stuff to play with in terms of props and set ups.

So I planned 10-20 shots on white and swing the camera around and shoot her sitting on the edge of the table ... in the interrogation room and voila we're done ... super quick...
Well that DIDN'T happen. She only gave me 5 minutes start to finish and when she walked in I told her what I was thinking and she and her PR rep said ok depending on time. Then as I was shooting her on white... I said "Lets switch scenes, I have this shot" Her rep spoke up and said, no that's all we're finished, and they left.

I was a little taken aback but not too much. In my experience around celebrities A-listers and others .... they do what they want ... when they want.

So whatever! I shot the set anyhow!!! Just w/o her in it.
I've also uploaded a pic of me holding the skeletons hand. Whoo hoo that was the highlight!
Here's to rolling with it and running into a wall sometimes...


Nate Ludens said...

As always, nicely done, Jana. Unfortunately, not everyone is a Hasselhoff (total ham).

The mark of a true professional is the ability to produce quality results while simultaneously adapting to the things you cannot control on (or off) set.

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