Friday, September 11, 2009

Jana Photography - Shoots MATT GOSS for 944 Magazine September

I was honored to shoot Matt Goss for 944 Magazine September Fashion issue. We shot at The Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. This is a prime example for a shoot where everything came together spot on, my concept, the wardrobe, the location and the talent!

He was great to work with, we both collaborated on the shots to really push and get the best out of both of us. There is no doubting he knows what he's doing, he was a blast to work with. The images I'm very excited about, I've attached the tear sheet from the magazine as well as other shots I love that they didn't run. Special thanks to Melinda @944 for the opportunity to do the shoot!

Next time we'll get COVER!



melody_love said...

Hi Jana! You've got such talent :)
These photo's of Matt Goss are brilliant! No wonder you're so pleased! Can you show us some more?!

melody_love said...

Hello again Jana!

Would you mind if I was to post some of these images on my blog ( with your credit of course?! Especially the ones that weren't run in the magazine...

Jana Cruder Photography said...

Melody - Please give me photo credit and a link to my website.

melody_love said...

Thanks very much Jana!

Have uploaded them already ;) You can see them here (with lots of credits ;):

Have a great night at The Palms tonight! Looking forward to hearing all about it! Wish I was there - but am in Australia... a little far ;)

mary catherine said...

gorgeous shots!