Monday, August 24, 2009

NYC trip 2009

Every year, I head to NYC to meet with current clients, potential clients and drop off promotional materials to as many agencies as I possibly can. All in hopes of spreading my name to those who might get my visions and hire me to do what I do best... photograph people.

This year was a little different then previous years. The buzz of NYC was still there, the rush and the grind... but the photo industry was a little different. I experienced first hand many publications and agencies trying to do so much more with so much less. People have been laid off in swarms, budgets have been slashed and I've found my self in line with the big guns... the big name photographers are going after the same assignments I'm going after.

We're not in the soup line yet, but we're all a little closer then we would prefer to be. It makes us uncomfortable, and as a creative, makes us nervous.

We're in the assignment line, I couldn't imaging the pressure on the photo editors and art buyers, being bombarded with photographers looking for paid work. Key word PAID work!

All I can do is what we're all doing, marketing a lot and doing everything we can to keep our names out there in hopes that when thinks pick up we get considered and booked. It is harder then ever on photographers to make a living in our chosen field.

With rising competition, the everyone is a photographer syndrome, budget cuts, digital cameras, $1 stock photos, client ignorance and everything else associated with being a professional creative.... Rising insurance costs, digital work flow updates, camera updates, software creative suite pricing, ect. ect. ect. We're lucky to break even most times.

YES everyone can be a photographer and I encourage people to explore their creativity, but there is a difference between someone who picks up a camera for the 3rd time and takes an amazing shot and the experienced seasoned photographer who can pull off a 300,000 production and produce groundbreaking innovative ad concepts that push brands forward.

What I ask, are you going to pay for?

Here are some snapshot images from NY this past trip... in and around town. The sticker head people were photographed on my first trek to the HAMPTON'S.

Enjoy and keep pushing forward for what you are passionate about.

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