Thursday, August 27, 2009

Jana Cruder shoots feature editorial for VEGAS magazine!!!!

Check out this months VEGAS magazine. The cover is Usher photographed by Robert Ascroft a extreemely talented and totally awesome NYC celebrity photographer.

Flip through the mag and your get to the feature I shot of the VEGAS Aces. I worked closely with associate editor Karina Deerwood to pull this shoot off in a very short time on a tight budget.

We shot 5 Vegas Aces, Josh Strickland lead in Vegas PEEPSHOW, Sonny Barton of Rock & Roll Wines, Jason Demuth of Nexus 30, Yale Rowe Senior VP of The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and Ricardo Laguna a totally amazing Pro BMX Rider.

I was stoked that all our guys were very good looking, and when she came to me and told me about the feature idea and who I was going to be shooting I took a day to brainstorm and research. I came up with 3 very different concepts, that I felt would be a great story and feature for our Aces.

I've attached my concept sheet here. So you can see where my brain was.

I really liked all three of the concepts, I really pushed for concept B, a more playful documentaryesque approach with natural light, walking shots, with key VEGAS landmarks and the one the client loved went with was idea A, the nightclub playboy classed up a bit. Mostly in part to the availability of the location. We ended up shooting at LAX nightclub in the Luxor. With the help of my talented stylist Jessica Galindo we were able to pull some great class suites and gear for these gentleman and pull the theme off. Kudos to my team, Whitney Urichuk did the makeup and hair for One Luv Agency, Jess Galindo wardrobe stylist and Murbina my rocking producer.

I've attached my fave final shots!

As well as tear sheet. More can be seen on the NEW WORK section on my website.

Lets hear some feedback!


Aurélie Cruder said...

Dear Jana,
My name is also Cruder. My first name is Aurélie. I'm french, I live in Belfort, in the north-east of France. If you want, you can contact me on my email : From which country come your family ? Mine come from Italia (tarcento).
See you later (maybe ;-O)

Grant Blogs Harder said...

Great work Jana!

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