Friday, July 17, 2009

NEW BRANDING - Jana Photography

Finally after months of revisions I'm happy to put it out there!!!!!
I decided to revamp and reposition my branding.

I worked closely with my great friend and amazingly talented designer Carly Hebert.
Together we worked to re-brand my look and feel. I've been in the business for some time now, about 6 years with the same logo and color scheme. When I first started out I needed to communicate to those who would be viewing my work that I was professional, and wanted my logo and branding and color scheme to say "PROFESSIONAL".

After all these years, and after fully pushing forward shooting full time. I felt it was important to really put my personality forward. I wanted my logo and branding to say "Jana" to be personable and reflect some characteristics of me and how I see the world.

The challenge was to create a branding scheme that would say Sunny, Fun, California, Bright and Personal. I think all of that was achieved in the new logo and branding of JANA PHOTOGRAPHY.

Together we created NEW
promo cards, business cards, stickers, logo, color scheme, email promo templates, letterhead and envelopes.

This branding has all been implemented into my website and all printed materials.
The feedback has been great, I'm looking forward to using this look for quite some time.

Let me know what you think!

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mary catherine said...

i love your new logo---and putting it on stickers is so spot-on! that's so "you," and i can definitely see those stickers plastered all over whatever city you visit. :)