Monday, June 29, 2009

Jana Cruder shoots for Grand Victoria Casino

Check out these tear sheets, I recently shot these images for a new national ad campaign for Grand Victoria Casino. This was a really great shoot. I worked closely with the awesome creative team Amy Lockhart-Fehl, BC Ledoux and Terri Gibson from The Glenn Group in Reno, NV. I got the call on a Tuesday that the shoot was awarded to me and we needed to shoot by the following Thursday. That only gave us 6 business days to cast 20 models and produce this 2 day shoot. I pulled in a freelance producer Michelle Urbina in Las Vegas and together her, me and my team got to work. We didn't have time for a live casting which is what I always prefer it do if we can. So we worked with a bunch of local Las Vegas talent agents to pull digital portfolios of talent that could be submitted for this casting. We edited those down and sent links off to the client. Within 24 hours we had final models to book. We shot at Desert Ice Studios in Las Vegas and the feedback from the client is that their client GVC couldn't be happier.

Check out more tear sheets from this shoot on my website under the tear sheet section.

From real people to models, I love shooting people.

Have a great 4th of July!

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