Thursday, June 04, 2009

Don't just SURVIVE.. Now is the best time to G R O W !!!!!

I've noticed that a lot of the information out there, a vast majority of the publications, news reports, blogs, discussions right now are all about how to SURVIVE in this economy.

You know what I say to that.


Here is where being optimistic comes in handy.

# 1. Shut off NPR (at least 2 days a week)
* This will help you tune out pessimists and limit the subscription to a global anxiety.... and tune into your inner voice... the voice inside saying I KNOW I CAN!

Yes things are tight.
Yes we're all low on CASH
Yes cash is king
Yes people are hurting

But is there anyway we can start looking at this recession as an opportunity?

That's what I've been doing.

I'm in a little different position then most. I'm a freelancer. I'm use to searching for my next meal constantly!

That's what I've always done and that is what I will always do.

In that journey I hope to grow as a creative, contribute to great campaigns and visually excel as a photographer as well as continue to make my living doing what I love.

Why am I so Optimistic.
Well, WHY NOT!
The grass is greener, lets face it. This recession will weed out a lot of competition.
SAD but true.

Commercial space is more affordable, people are more willing to do business on the buyers terms, weather its buying equipment or moving into a larger shooting space.
Clients are being squeezed, so they are looking for the best talent for their budgets and they are willing to look more ant new talent, or talent they've been aware of for a few years but just didn't have the reason to move them into the preffered photographer roster....
NOW they do, now they are willing to take a little bit more of a risk in hopes that we'll knock their socks off. This is a VERY good thing for me and many of my peers in photography. Lets face it ... we're all great photographers, but some clients can't afford to Pay Annie L. to shoot their editorials or ad campagins THEY DON'T have the 30 to 50K she demands. I don't know any photogrpaher who would turn down 25k to work with a large label and create some new work that will only get them more work. ITS THE BIGGER PICTURE.

Now not saying we should all undermine and undercut and low ball. I can't stand that! But there is room to negotiate ... even with clients. Negotiate a different usage, don't give them everything, but come to an agreement ... and stay in their budget. Chances are when things pick up again they'll re license and that's $ in your pocket.

I think the KEY POINT I want to put out there.

As a creative, as a photographer. Its time to think CREATIVELY in business.
I'm being more flexible, more creative in how I approach projects and still doing great work. While growing my business and picking up new clients.

KEEP POSITIVE - no one wants to add to their own greif and grumbles by listening to yours.

In the long run clients will appreciate it and you'll stay working through this all.

I'm GROWING and I will continue to do so.
NOW is a perfect time to do so.

One Quote keeping me going comes from June's issue of FAST COMPANY
" Creative people are basically this 50-50 blend of ego and insecurity," From an ego standpoint you think your hot shit, but really deep down when you go to bed at nightyou go, I don't know if I'm good enough. I'll try to make it better tomorrow. " by LEE CLOW - Global director of Media Arts TBWA/Worldwide

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