Thursday, April 16, 2009

EMERGING photographers in this economy need to WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER

~ new character portrait "PROBLEM CHILD" ~

The saying goes, "WORK SMARTER NOT HARDER".

Well these days you have to do both especially as a freelance creative. I'm a commercial / advertising photographer in the starting blocks of my
career. I've been very fortunate to get some great gigs with national clients that have helped me build credentials and portfolio pieces that advance my career. I've been shooting for 6 years, full time freelance and shooting for 3 years now. I'm loving every minute of it, however it is a business.

Creative and all it is still business. So when costs are getting cut and photography budgets are getting slashed all over, how do you still get a decent creative fee and create work you can be proud of and help move your clients brand forward with such
monetary restraints.

YOU WORK SMARTER! Some things I've personally done to make my business more efficient and capable of more flexibility.

1. Drastically reduced my over head in location, I have a small office outside my home and rent studios when I need them.

2. I own my own cameras and lights. This can go both ways, I have my own equipment that is paid for so when I'm asked to do an editorial portrait for $200 I can take it and not have to pay the rental house $175 to rent the equipment needed to do the shot.

3. Know a clients budget first hand so I can problem solve the best way possible to do the shoot up to my quality standards and still keep it in their budget.

4. Networking, its all who you know and who knows you

5. Refocus marketing to include more cost
efficient marketing, reduced printed promos and increased email promotions and personal meetings.

6. Recession diet, drive less, eat less, drink more & do more things outside that are free and thing twice before spending on UN necessary business needs.

7. When traveling to show my book around stay in hostels in stead of hotels unless crashing at a friends house.

At this point I'm doing everything I can to keep growing my business and still create some amazing creative images for my personal portfolio and for my clients. At the end of the day, you have to love what you do & I LOVE WHAT I DO!

Love ~ Light ~ Life


Steve Giralt said...

Well Said ... Well Said

hermosawave said...

Nice Jana! I'm reminded of the quote, "I've done so much with so little for so long I can now do anything with nothing!"

Jana Cruder Photography said...

I like that "I can do anything with Nothing".. interesting way to look at it.