Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Email Marketing and Promotional Time for Photographers

Email marketing is a huge help in the constant effort to keep my work in front of those who can hire me. Marketing as a freelancer is vital! However many things can get in the way of being consistent. I think it is something that every freelance creative & photographer might struggle with until they pay someone else to be consistent for them. Or their rep takes over and ensures that Epromo is in the inbox of the targeted art buyer the second Tuesday of every month at 2:46pm EST.

Its April and I just sent out my 1st Epromo for the year. I know it was late, I try to get one out every 5-6 weeks with new work and info. However a lot got in the way. I was waiting for website revisions and logo revisions until I could not wait any more. This is part of a new look for me. It will tie into the new Logo design and eventually the new web re-launch or janacruderphoto.com/3.0

This months promotion was a little longer in the making then previous Eblasts.
I've been working with an amazing creative consultant Rashell Roberts @ Get Invision and she brought up a very good point after seeing some other Epromo's of mine. She said, "Why not share some of the interesting stories behind the images, or the creative problem and how you went about solving it."

What a great idea!

She later pointed out another very valid point. That I'm being hired for how I see first and foremost and that needs to be communicated visually. However it is also very important to communicate how I problem solve?

To do this, I worked closely with my designer friend Carly Hebert
to make my Epromos visually more interesting design wise as well as feature copy to tell more of the stories behind the images.

The result, well I have to say this has been one of my most well received Eblasts to date. I received great feedback as well as direct responses from creatives commenting on the new promo layout and interesting things to read. I even got a in query for a shoot. Now that is exactly what we're after folks!

Thank you everyone for your amazing feedback and keep it coming. I'm always open for ideas and tips on how to keep my marketing fresh, and stand apart from the masses.

~ Jana

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Anonymous said...

I like the new format you are using for your emailers. It’s very newsy and informative. If you’re going to have copy..make it worth reading!!

Sarah Habib
FoundFolios Inc