Friday, May 01, 2009

JANA CRUDER Article in 944 Magazine April 2009

Check it out 944 Magazine featured me in their VANTAGE POINT section of Aprils 944 magazine! Big thanks to Laura Mier who interview me and wrote the piece.

Thanks for the exposure 944!

Press releases do work, before my gallery opening of Characters from Concentrate in February I sent out 100's of Press releases to publication and mags nationwide.

944 picked up on it and came out to the show and interviewed me and decided to write an article about me and feature it in their April issue.

Below is the press release I sent.

LOS ANGELES PHOTOGRAPHER OPENS UP SPACE IN THE ARTS DISTRICT THE ARTS FACTORY | Las Vegas, NV Come see Jana Cruder exhibit works from her personal contemporary photography series “Characters from Concentrate” this Friday, February 06, 2009, 6-9pm @ THE ARTS FACTORY, Suite 130. Jana will be there in person to talk about her work and the art will remain on exhibit for the entire month of February. This Los Angeles based photographer recently opened up her second location in downtown Las Vegas, at the Arts Factory of 107 E. Charleston Boulevard, though she continues to serve the western U.S. markets of Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco and Las Vegas. She hopes with the aid of representation to reach larger markets such as Chicago and New York, eventually reaching her goal of shooting for a global clientele. Cruder brings a fresh and edgy perspective to her Las Vegas clients. Her work is often described as crisp, polished, and stunning. Her clients love her personality and appreciate her creativity, professional approach and solid execution. Trained at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY, Jana received a BFA in advertising photographic illustration from one of the most prestigious photography schools in the world. After graduation she resided in Pittsburgh, PA where she assisted local photographers, getting her feet wet in commercial photography. After a short stay of only a year, Jana relocated to Los Angeles, to open up shop in Manhattan Beach, CA There she hit the ground running working for CORBIS as a senior sales executive before going freelance to pursue her own shooting career. While in LA, Jana also assisted top photographers such as Warwick Saint, Patrick Holleck, Robert Ascroft and Klaus Thymann, as well as working on high-end productions through the well-known LA production company 3STAR productions, owned and operated by Jill Roy. While in LA she built her portfolio, established roots in the photo industry and made some solid connections that remain clients of her’s to this day, including Wells Fargo, Cristophe Salon of Beverly Hills, Obagi skin care and many more. “I've relocated to Las Vegas, for personal reasons, I’m very excited to be here and still operate and serve my clients in LA & SF & NYC. I’m looking forward to this town opening up to me and excited at the opportunities that lie ahead. “ ~ Jana Cruder

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