Thursday, February 12, 2009



This is the biggest question this year.

One of my goals this year 2 months into 2009 is to gain representation. To accomplish this goal, I'm positioning myself to realistically by April have portfolios and web revamped to a point to go chucking after Reps in San Francisco and LA. In this quest I've set out on, I keep finding my self asking the SAME question.

Is it possible w/o a rep to...

~ Land a LARGE ad gig for an agency?
I'm learning not so much, due mostly to the relationships that art buyers and
creatives have with reps and rep agencies. Not to mention the fact that if X photographer fudges up in any way they can call X Rep and raise hell.

~ Get into LARGE ad agency for portfolio review?
YES, I've been there done that with some bites but nothing that
has turned into a large gig yet. Although I'm staying positive on the little seeds I'm planting.

~ Win massive awards in trade pubs like PDN & ADC?
UP FOR DEBATE, I think most winners are selected because someone knows someone who once looked at someones work and called in a book and voila they
are the next best thing.

~ Focus 80% of your time on your craft?
, As a small business owner, it is impossible without representation to really take your career to the next level. I need one to get the other. I need the rep to get the big gigs that allow me the $$$ to hire people to do what I do everyday. Selling myself, marketing, cold calling, warm calling, accounting, computer fixer, floor sweeper, portfolio printer and 10% of the time I get to PLAY PHOTOGRAPHER.

That is the role I love most! & That is why I'm still here folks.

I think I'm ready for representation so universe this is me putting it all out there! I have a large body of work that needs fine tuning and to the right rep would be a goldmine of possible client elation. I'm smart and know what I'm doing + I get along with clients and have a huge respect for collaboration. I'm not a diva, and I understand the value of building that relationship and doing a great job on budget. I have a diverse background and totally can understand where the client and creatives are coming from. PICK ME to be a part of your team!

Here's to loving what you do!

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