Saturday, February 07, 2009

Exhibiting works ~ LAS VEGAS

Last night I exhibited for the first time my series "Characters from Concentrate". First Friday, is the art scene in Vegas, it draws about 3000 or so people out on the 1st Friday of every month to look at art from local artists as well as artists and galleries from around the world. I chose to show a 24x36 print of "Smoker" from my series "Characters from Concentrate".. as well as 5 smaller prints of other characters from this series. The responses were interesting. When people gather around your work and talk... it is by far one of the most satisfying things an image maker can experience, other then creating the work in the first place. The energy of the experience made me high. I made a lot of good contacts, generated some interest and a good time was had by all. Plus I even got to wear my vintage caftan.
~ Here's to living your dreams and following what you love !!!

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mary catherine said...

i love that print--and your caftan!!!