Saturday, January 17, 2009


Who doesn't love watching people.... last night I went to see some live music. I was a little caught off guard when we got there and realized it was an all ages show.. thus no brews.
Anyhow, the music was great the band is a Las Vegas local band NEVERMIND very talented group of people. I found my self as I do at most concerts or gatherings with many people... people watching. This is sometimes visual over stimulation to my brain.
I took some snaps.. observing the high schools and found myself completely fascinated by them. They are very interesting, how they define themselves, what they wear, how they stand, the cell phones and PDS's they're addicted to like everyone else. I watch them and imagine them as adults and wonder what they'll be when they grow up... fascinating.

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Anonymous said...

I once went to an all-ages show without realizing it and yes, it is fascinating to watch how these kids interact with each other. I felt like a scientist in a lab !