Thursday, December 25, 2008

Shooting Chandler

Chandler Rylko 2, originally uploaded by Jana Cruder Photography.
Last week I shot Chandler. He is a male model/actor in LA. It was a fun shoot, very mellow, I really enjoyed working with him and I'm very pleased with the Black & White fashion images I created. We started in the tree lot, the Christmas tree lot in Hermosa. I have worked for weeks on the concept. I worked together with the prop stylist Patrick Muller and the wardrobe stylist Kristin Pfund to bright the concepts to life. Those images from that first set up are being retouched and will be posted in a few weeks. This image was captured after we nailed the first concept and shoot and were just playing around. Sometimes thats the best thing, to let all the pre concieved ideas and ideals go and just create.

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