Monday, December 08, 2008

MY Thought on WHERE I'm at in this "PHOTO INDUSTRY"

I often look at other photographers sites and admire their tight 20 image portfolios. I stress in editing my work down to 20 images. I look at the breadth of my experience, the massive amount of shoots I've done. The variety of work that all translates a style that is uniquely me and I think that I don't need to also have a tight 20 image portfolio. If you look at my website, and look on my flickr, dig through my old posts and google my name till no end. There within you'll find my body of work. So far I'm constantly fascinated and excited by every photo I create, I think that is something I'll always have. I can't pretend to know where my career is going. Try as I might to narrow my work at this point in my career I feel that it would do no one ... especially me justice. So if you are just as excited about any of my images give me a call. Lets talk about making something new, some new images to be excited about.

Love ~ Light ~ Life

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