Monday, September 01, 2008

Shooting on a Sailboat

The opportunity came up for me to do a spec shoot for a luxury perfume client and I jumped on it. It involved a shot of a woman on a sailboat. Now I live in CA and I should be able to find a sailboat easily. I called everyone I knew, I even called friends of friends who I didn't know.
I called sailing clubs and sailboat rental places. Looking for someone who would let me borrow and shoot on their boat for a few hours with a crew and no location fee. A friend of mine suggested I go to the marina and ask around. At first I thought no way, no one would give up their boat on such a beautiful weekend. I've always operated under the idea that it can never hurt to ask, and that you just never know unless you ask. With that mentality I headed to the Redondo Marina. There I found some nice boating enthusiasts who were extremely knowledgeable and knew exactly who I could contact to see about shooting on their sailboat. They gave me a number of a guy named Dan, who's boat was something of a legend in the marina. Come to find out the boat has been photographed for many different things from Playboy calenders to clothing catalogues. I gave Dan a call, and he was sailing on his way to Catalina. I let him know what I was looking to do and he said sure to come on by on Monday and shoot. His boat broke down on the way back from Catalina, so we were unable to do actual sailing shots however we did get some good shots on the boat while it was in the slip. Don't mind the pine trees in the background nothing a little Photoshop can't retouch out.
Lets hope the client loves it and goes with a license. If not, this shoot when edited and retouched will make a great addition to my portfolio.

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