Monday, September 29, 2008

Advertising - how do I get the word out ???

Being a photographer in today's market has its ups and downs. When the economy goes up, business goes up. When the economy goes down, well the first thing to get cut in many companies if marketing and advertising. What does that mean for freelance photographers like me. It means that we are being asked to do more for less. Clients are buying more stock, Istock photo sales have grown and I'm looking for new and more affordable ways to reach my audience. I currently list and advertise on a majority of the industry sites including, PDN Photo Serve, ASMP Find a Photographer, LinkedIn, Flickr, Le Book, Comm Arts and many many more. This is not only expensive but extreemly time consuming to keep all the images updated and profile info up to par. Here's to looking for new ways to reach audiences who will buy what I'm selling.
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