Friday, September 12, 2008

Active Seniors

I'm in Las Vegas for the next few weeks shooting for stock photography. I'm currently with Corbis and in talks with Jupiter. I was previously with Photoshelter until they closed their stock collection yesterday. The news that they were discontinuing their stock photography product and sticking with their personal archive product came as a harsh reality check for me. I believe that stock photography can fulfill many different needs for both the consumer and client as well as the photographer. Stock and stock sales are a directly affected by the economy. The rule of thumb on stock is the more you have in the more chances you have to get an image licensed and make some royalties off of it. The other side to stock photography is that clients are now asking too much, turning to stock much more now then ever before. Clients are asking much more of stock shooters and agencies. Here are some of my most recent images created for stock. I focused on active seniors 55+ and real people not models, doing real things. I'm very pleased with this so far and looking forward to shooting more for this series. Not only has it given me a chance to create some strong fresh stock, I've met some incredible people and have some new additions to my portfolio.

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