Thursday, July 31, 2008

NYC and Back

I arrived in NYC on the 18th. I was in town to shoot for Photoshelter's SHOOT THE DAY.
I was one of the selected photographers to go to NYC and shoot "Youth Culture". This was an interesting experience. It was somewhat like project runway with photographers. There were 4 of us shooting the same models, same location with the same equipment at the same time. My fellow photographers were all professionals that I think are wicked talented. We all pushed ourselves that day to let our own unique voice come through when all working with the same pieces of the puzzle. This was a fun and interesting experience and I have to say I'm pleased with what I created on July 20, 2008 for Photo Shelter's SHOOT THE DAY. Thank you for the opportunity!

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Grant Blogs Harder said...

Yea Jana! Nice working with you. I hope we run into each other again.