Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Thank goodness to my good friend Janis Hansen of Gibbs Smith publishing encouraging me to enter the PHOTOSHELTER contest "Shoot the Day" on LOCATION in NYC. I entered it and actually won. Out of 750 entries, they selected 20 shooters and one of them is me. I'm very excited for this opportunity and looking forward to creating some really compelling imagery. I head to NYC on the 18th and we shoot on the 20th. I'll be posting images from my travel and trip soon, as well as images I shoot for "Shoot the Day". This is a HUGE honor and I'm very great full for the reconition by my peers.

Here is more info about the contest and event

Shoot! On Location Winners!

Over 750 applicants were under consideration for the 20 spots for our Shoot! On Location event on July 20th as a part of Shoot! The Day. The 20 chosen photographers will engage in a photo shoot based on five key image categories noted by image buyers as most depleted: active seniors, youth culture, family and kids, business settings and still life. The photographers will be led by expert instructors and armed with all equipment and staff for the shoot, including state-of-the-art cameras and lenses from Nikon, lighting equipment from MAC Group, with models, stylists, make-up artists and locations provided by PhotoShelter. Pretty cool right?

(drum roll, please)

Youth Culture
Team Lead: Kareem Black

Grant Harder - Vancouver, BC

Ryan Allan - Southern California

Lesley Allen - Southern California

Jana Cruder - Santa Monica, Ca

Studio Still Life & Objects:
Team Lead: David Hobby

Matt Armendariz - Santa Monica, California

Erin Wigger - New York, NY

Fiona Aboud - New York, NY

Michael Lopez - Bakersfield, Ca

Active Seniors:
Team Lead: Glenn Glasser

Jamey Guy - Atlanta, Ga

Willamain Somma - New York, NY

Charles Williamson - New York, NY

Norman Pogson - Ottawa, Ontario

Families & Kids:
Team Lead: Marili Forastieri

Leah Fasten - Boston, Mass

Doug Schneider - Westchester, New York

Landry Major - Bakersfield, Ca

Leanna Rathkelly - Vancouver, BC

Business Situations & Settings:
Team Lead: Erica Freudenstein

Karen Evans - New York, NY

Stephanie Keith - New York, NY

Chris Carroll - New York, NY

Patrick King - Washington, DC

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