Monday, June 09, 2008


Today, I woke up, went to El Porto to surf for a bit, got a yummy doughnut from BEST doughnuts took a shower and headed to work for the day. I was driving into my office. I found myself laughing out loud and smiling. There was no one else in the car but me, and there was just some chill music on the radio. I realized, I was so happy I was laughing out loud and smiling. Now that was a beautiful realization. I think it is contagious when people are truly happy in their lives. Everyone around them is happier. Everyone around those people are happier. Thus really affecting the mood of the planet. That being said, let me be great full some of the things in my life that are HUGE contributing factors to my happiness. I wear more color these days, I love color. I never use to, I use to wear a lot of black. My family, I'm developing relationships with them on a level that I never imagined was poss. Its interesting when you start to relate to your parents as other adults and no longer just your parents. They become close close friends who just happen to be your parents. For that I am great full. I'm in love, this is a beautiful blessing and a major contributing factor to my happiness. Lastly when people are able to make their living doing what their heart truly desires to be doing. That freedom and joy makes it so worth it!

Love, Light, Life

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