Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Do you know Who I do ??

It is all who you know, or so I'm finding out. This industry, photography, business, magazines, stylists, makeup artists, model agent bookies, studio owners, printers, rental houses, assistants, hair artists, set designers, prop stylists. I've figured it out IT IS ALL WHO YOU KNOW. I found this out a little while ago, and for some reason I was under the impression that it was talent, vision, creativity and personality. NOPE silly its all who you know. So ... am I one to be known? That is really the question. I often wonder when my email comes into the inbox of a client, a perspective client or a artist rep (I'm seeking representation) thought I'd plug that for a moment.
What do they think, do they know my name yet ? Do they want to hear from me? How many emails must I send before you give me a story. I feel I'm in the same bucket as all other emails in that mass called an inbox. But someday, I'm waiting for my person (who ever that person will be) to lean over and say "Hey I know a great photograher she's amazing" their ears perk up as if they are about to get the inside scoop on some secret, some new tid bit of input no one before them knew. My person will then say, "Oh you should call Jana she's Marvelous" (high pitched voice is a must on that one)
Until then, I'll continue to work on my talent, vision, creativity and learning to surf.

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